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Service You Can Depend On

Boat Lift and Dock Installation ~ Repairs ~ Removal

Our Services

Serving the Area Since 2014

Dock Installation / Removal

We take pride in the handling of all your equipment and your property. All docks are installed to the highest standards, leveled, and secured for your safety and enjoyment. When it comes time to pull them for the winter, we store your equipment neatly, and safely back on shore.

Boat Lift Installation / Removal

A1 Dock & Lift uses the areas first and most professional custom built, hydraulic forked barge to gently pick your lift off-shore, and place it back in the lake, leveling as needed, and even installing the vinyl canopy if you would rather not mess with that part yourself. As the summer season wraps up, let us carefully lift it back out of the lake, and place back on your shore for safe winter storage.

Repairs / Maintenance

We repair most styles and makes of docks, boat lifts, and free-standing canopies or swim rafts. Re-leveling or enhancing the footing to accomodate for soft or mucky bottoms is no problem. We can help.

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We look forward to serving you. Please let us know how we can help, and the best way to reach you.

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About Us

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting, So You Don't Have To...

This was our original plan, and perhaps unspoken "Mission Statement", from the time we developed our company back in 2014. We saw a growing need, and decided to fulfill it.

Since our early beginnings, armed with nothing more than a sheer desire to work hard, and to provide you with the best service available in the area, we have grown exponentially each year, and continue to add the most advanced, state of the art tools and equipment necessary to best serve your needs. This past year was no different, due mainly to the great base of loyal customers we service, and the growing list of new clients we've had the privilege of adding on a regular basis.

We believe that our decision to specialize in only the Installation, Repair, and Removal of boat lifts and docks has played a major role in our success, as well as offering you the replacement of those assets when needed with either quality pre-owned, or brand new equipment.

We also work directly with the many qualified local marine businesses that are here to service your boating needs, from selling and delivering a new or used unit to you, to maintaining or repairing it as needed, and even helping to get it removed from the lake, properly winterized, and stored away for the winter. We recommend you continue to use their fine services for your boats, and allow us to do what we do best; Installing, Repairing, and Removing your boat lifts and docks.

Also, be sure to check with us before accessorizing, or even replacing your boat lifts or docks, we can help.

All of the staff at A1 Dock & Lift wishes to thank each and every one of you for your business. We'll do our very best to continue earning your trust, and your respect. Thank You

Mailing Address

PO Box 102
Mecosta MI 49332


Phone: 231-250-8811